About immortal jewelry.

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About immortal jewelry with Mădălina Manole.

A few days ago, the Tonica Tv team crossed the threshold of the Sabion Galleries in Bucharest, where, along with our colleague, Marian Iancu, talked about immortal jewelry, charm jewelry, about the way to choose jewelry, what jewelry represents us and how we should care for these little works of art. Find out more about this in the following material. About immortal jewelry. Available at: onicao

Have you ever wondered what is immortal jewelry? We looked beyond the beauty of a jewel, beyond its design, and discovered real treasures whose preciousness is worthy of crossing centuries and delight generations and generations. We talked to Marian Iancu, Director of the Sabion Galleries, and found out how these small objects manage to reach the level of art.

What is the story of The Sabion Jewelry House? The story began 16 years ago and continues as a success story. It started as a small family business, born from passion for jewelry. The idea started from restoring jewelry creation to the level of art. The Sabion Jewelry House gathered Romanian artists, artists of fine art, and with their help we managed to create jewelry and more. We created the space that exhibits these jewels.

What kind of jewelry can we find at Sabion? At Sabion you can find jewelry for those who like art and for those who want unique jewelry, manufactured. Here you won’t find commercial jewelry. This is jewelry over which the jeweler puts both the material and the spiritual mark. What materials are used and what kind of stones compose them? The materials are precious gold, tantalum, platinum, silver and the stones are only natural stones and organic matter. Is it alright to wear gold jewelry with silver jewelry? Is there a possibility of damaging the gold? Silver is used in alloying gold. Gold jewelry of 14k and 18k, contain silver, too. Wearing gold and silver jewelry at the same time doesn’t damage the quality of gold or silver. Some believe that silver reduces gold karats, there is no such thing! There are certain materials that blacken the skin when we wear them, for example silver has this reaction. Why does this happen? Silver, par excellence, is a metal that oxidizes in contact with air, meaning that it turns black. This happens to a lot of old jewelry and it gets the noble patina, but it is only oxidation. Silver jewelry worn often, keeps its shine much longer than the one we do not wear, because silver cooperates positively with human fat. Does it have anything to do with the health of the person wearing silver jewelry? More or less. The acidity in the body can be responsible for the darkening of jewelry. And gold, also, can go through this process, and this is because of the silver alloy. There is no pure gold in jewelry, but, depending on its colour, it may comprise silver, copper or other metals that can oxidize.

Can precious stones be considered charms for the wearer? Of course. Since ancient times, people believed that stones have their own life and bring benefit to those who wear them. Between jewelry and the wearer there is a bond. What kind of jewelry would best characterize a woman? Madeleine Albright, for instance, was characterized by brooches. Definitely there were times when she communicated with their help. Also, necklaces were representative for Liz Taylor. For every woman there is a jewel that characterizes her and create a symbiosis. What kind of jewelry do you recommend for an elegant evening outfit? Jewelry must be matched with the dress, hair colour and skin colour. Also, in choosing the earrings, the shape of the face is essential. There is elegant jewelry only suitable for evening outfits.

What do we have to know about maintaining and cleaning jewelry? It is recommended to keep the jewelry separately and not all in the same box. Each jewel has to have its case or pouch, to avoid contact with each other. It is not recommended to clean the jewelry on our own, cleaning should be done only by the jeweler. Jewelry with natural stones is quite sensitive to the action of chemicals, therefore it is recommended to put on the jewelry after the final touches, after applying the cosmetics.

Is there immortal jewelry? What makes it immortal? There is immortal jewelry, we call it family or collection jewelry. This jewelry is designed and manufactured by the jeweler and can bequeath to future generations. We create heirlooms. The metals and stones that we use, make them last over time, and this is of utmost importance. At Sabion custom jewelry can be made. What was the most bizarre requirement in this regard? Over time, we created crowns, lighter cases and even purses made of gold. There were requirements which can be regarded as bizarre, but that is just our opinion.

Text: Mădălina Manole . Reporter: Mădălina Manole . Councelor: Marian Iancu .